DR and IR radiology program directors will sign detailed checklist of requirements

Form A of the new Program Director Attestation from the ABR includes a detailed checklist related to compliance with NRC training and experience requirements

Expect questions to be segmented by topic

A sandcastle is relaxing to build, but nothing like the new remote Core Exam

Blocks of 30 questions

New rules eliminate conditioning entirely

Headquarters of the American Board of Radiology in Tucson. Source: ABR

Do not allow logistics to be an issue on exam day

Checklists: if they’re good enough for pilots, they’re good enough for the new remote version of ABR exams.

Reclaim an hour per day and save yourself from sad desk lunch

Reclaim an hour per day in the reading room with Orbit Discovery. Video: Transcend Review, Inc.

With further testing, gas appliance pressure regulators could provide each patient with their own personalized input pressures

While the FDA has approved adaptors to split ventilator tubing, this provides the same inspiratory pressure to both patients, and supporting multiple COVID-19 patients with a single ventilator requires the ability to supply different pressures to each patient that can be titrated on a daily basis.

Announcement delivered by the American Board of Radiology today includes radiology, radiation oncology, and medical physics

The new virtual format is a welcome relief for residents, although VR goggles may not be involved.

Multi-society consensus letter captures mounting frustration with COVID-related delays in high-stakes in-person board certification exam

The newly formed MERCC coalition aims to unite early career radiologists in common purpose.

ABR alludes to possibility of future virtual exam

Lobby at the ABR Exam Center in Tucson. Source: ABR

Update sent moments ago by email to resident physicians

Lobby at the ABR Exam Center in Chicago. Source: ABR


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