Conditioned physics on the ABR Core Exam? Here’s what you need to know about your physics-only exam

We reached out to the ABR to learn more about conditioning physics

Last updated May 11, 2019

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If you conditioned physics on the ABR Core Exam, you’re probably wondering what your upcoming physics-only Conditioned Core Exam will look like. We reached out the ABR to learn more.

1. Expect safety to be on the exam

Although there is a separate NIS section on the Core Exam, the physics section also includes safety as it relates to medical physics and imaging equipment. Example questions described by the ABR include:

  • avoiding epilation in diffusion CT
  • specific concerns about appropriate power levels for OB ultrasound
  • avoiding burns in MRI.

Think about safety issues for every modality and make sure you understand them.

2. Expect a short exam

The physics-only Conditioned Core Exam is 136 questions in 136 minutes, which comes out to 1 minute per question. Needless to say, that doesn’t leave time for complicated questions. But you can probe basic conceptual understanding pretty well in a 1 minutes question.

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3. Don’t stress out

You’ve already passed all of the clinical sections on the Core Exam — that’s AMAZING. This time around, you only need to study one section, which is a huge advantage.

If you have the option to schedule your physics exam after the live sessions of Core Physics Review, it’s worth the wait, and you’ll be in phenomenal position to crush this exam. If you can’t attend the live review, Radiology Simplified for Apple Books is the high-level outline for the live course.

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