Five tips to pass the ABR Certifying Exam

Make smart choices and simplify your study plan

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Coordinating your Certifying Exam strategy with life as a first-year attending requires both skill and smart planning. Photo: U.S. Air Force Maj. Jeffrey DellaVolpe, 59th Medical Wing ECMO physician, takes care of logistics in preparation to execute medical evacuation. Credit: USAF/Staff Sgt. Jerilyn Quintanilla.

1. Make Sure You’re Registered

2. Choose Modules That Work Best for You

Do not be scared of choosing more than one module in a given area if that’s your area of expertise.

3. Budget Protected Study Time

4. Get the nucs safety chapter of Rad Simplified

5. Trust the Noninterpretative Skills PDF

In Conclusion

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Orbit is the easiest way for radiologists to earn, track, and submit all of their required CME.

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