How is the new remote Core Exam graded?

New rules eliminate conditioning entirely

Headquarters of the American Board of Radiology in Tucson. Source: ABR

April 21, 2021

If you’re lining up to take the new remote Core Exam from the American Board of Radiology (ABR), new changes in the scoring policy will come with mixed feelings. Here are the most frequently asked questions from residents using Core Physics Review to prepare for the upcoming Core Exam.

How is the new remote Core Exam graded?

The Core Exam will now be graded as pass-fail, and no sections will be conditioned. Your total score will need to pass a minimum threshold.

What about Physics on the Core Exam?

Physics remains a major portion of the Core Exam, varying roughly between 15–30% of the exam. Because you will not be able to separately condition physics, you’ll need to make sure you’re competent in both clinical and physics when you take the exam.

Do I need to pass every section individually?

No. All sections are graded in one big pot. This means that you can slightly underperform in some areas as long as you overperform in others. Be careful applying this to your study strategy — with just a few questions per section, your performance on any given section may not correlate with your perception of mastery.

How do I change my study strategy?

Possibly not at all. Most residents already study both clinical and physics before taking the Core Exam. If you’re looking for a Core-focused physics course with a proven track record for the Core Exam, most residents in the country take Core Physics Review. Use the comprehensive online curriculum if you can’t travel. Add the intensive in-person four-day final review to bring it all together for game day.

Orbit Staff

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For the first time ever, the Core Physics Review online curriculum is available to individual residents. Click here to register, or email to learn more.

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