How to put your NCCPA Category 1 CME credits on full autopilot

More physician assistants earn their credits online than ever before, and Orbit PA is putting that process on full autopilot

Physician assistants can now place their NCCPA Category 1 CME on autopilot.

More than ever before, physician assistants are now turning to online resources to finish their NCCPA Category 1 CME credit requirements. The latest innovation in this area is Orbit Physician Assistant, which lets physician assistants earn credit using their Chrome browser, whenever they visit peer-reviewed wiki articles and journal abstracts.

Orbit was started by physicians and engineers out of Stanford University, and optimized for clinicians from the very beginning with the goal of promoting literature search during patient care, while fully-automating the process of earning and tracking CME credits.

Orbit is a natural fit for physician assistants, because they are constantly accessing information to support the complex task of clinical diagnosis and treatment. Orbit automatically detects visits for many of the most popular clinical reference sites, and awards credit for reading articles on those pages. And unlike other options, you can begin your search from Google and surf anywhere on the web, rather than logging into a restricted database.

For physician assistants in the USA, another major benefit is that Orbit allows you to store and track all of your credits from any course in the cloud. If you’re audited by the NCCPA, you’ll also be able to automatically generate an audit report within seconds with a detailed rundown of your credits and certificates.

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Follow these steps to get started:

  1. Open your Chrome browser on your laptop or desktop.

Whenever you hit a peer-reviewed wiki or journal article, you’ll get 0.5 credits (AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™). For physician assistants in the USA, this credit satisfies both your NCCPA Category 1 CME requirement and credit requirements for your state medical board.

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Step 1: Visit Orbit PA, click “Get the Plugin”

Click here to access Orbit PA, or go to Then click “Get The Plugin”.

Click the screenshot above to access Orbit Physician Assistant

Step 2: Select any Orbit PA plan

Select any plan at Orbit PA to get started earning CME with your web searches. Select the Basic plan if you just want to try out Orbit, and cancel before the first month to avoid any charges. Select the Pro plan for better pricing per credit. You can always upgrade from Basic to Pro at any time.

Step 3: Visit articles on the web

Each article you visit while logged into Orbit earns you 0.5 credits that satisfy your NCCPA Category 1 CME requirement, as well as state medical board credit requirements.

Search the web freely and use Orbit (red circle) to earn credit for visiting peer-reviewed wiki or journal articles.

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— Orbit Staff

Orbit’s mission is to invest in the wellness of medical professionals.

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