Orbit partners with non-profit to create Jeopardy-style radiology game for grade schoolers

Completely free — Doctors, PAs and nurses everywhere can share this game with students to get them excited about medicine

January 27, 2019

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This January, Orbit partnered with Core Physics Review and the non-profit FYI Project to create this free, inspirational Jeopardy-style radiology game for grade school children, targeted to get them excited about careers in medicine. The game will be featured in the upcoming “All About Healthcare” event for middle schoolers on February 2, 2019 at Belmont Library.

The FYI Project, based in the Bay Area, helps grade school students get a glimpse into the world of work through special presentations in classrooms and local libraries. Founded in 2017 by physicist Susanne Schubert PhD and Melody Chun, the non-profit has spread their easy-to-implement inspiration-focused program across the Bay Area. They expose grade school students to diverse careers — firefighter, police officer, doctor, and beyond.

Outstanding contributors from the Core Physics Review alumni community include radiologists Mark Sugi MD (Mayo Arizona/UCSF, Abdominal Imaging & Ultrasound) and Anu Brixley MD (OHSU, Cardiothoracic Imaging).


The FYI Project. Visit fyi-project.rocks or contact teazer@fyi-project.rocks.

Radiology, Jeopardy-style. Click here to view and share this grade school game, aimed at inspiring students interested in medical careers.

Orbit Staff

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Orbit is dedicated to restoring work-life balance through automation for doctors, PAs, and nurses. To bring our groundbreaking continuing education technology to your practice this year, visit orbitcme.com or contact support@orbitcme.com .

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