Three myths about fluoroscopy license renewal every California radiologist should know

Hint — ignore regulations at your peril

May 7, 2020

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It’s that time of year again in California when fluoroscopy license renewal paperwork arrives in the mail. Recently, radiologists have been asking us about whether they need to complete the fluoroscopy credits requirement to renew their license. We decided to post the top three myths we’ve been hearing through the grapevine.

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Myth #1: I don’t need to do fluoroscopy credits because I’m a radiologist

The California Radiological Health Board (RHB) requires that physicians complete 10 fluoroscopy credits including 4 radiation safety credits in order to renew their fluoroscopy license, regardless of whether they are radiologists are not. We were pretty surprised to hear this rumor circulating in a major California hospital.

Myth #2: I don’t need a fluoroscopy license because I don’t do fluoroscopy

If you read mammography in California, you’ll need to maintain a fluoroscopy license, even if you don’t do fluoroscopy. We actually know more than one radiologist in California who has been audited and removed from their mammography rotations due to a lapse in their fluoroscopy license. Don’t let that happen to you.

Myth #3: My fluoroscopy license won’t be audited anyway

We have direct reports of radiologists being audited by the California RHB specifically for performing fluoroscopy or mammography without a fluoroscopy license. Even more common, the staff in your radiology department could pull you off fluoroscopy mid-procedure if you don’t have a current license.

Bottom Line

Don’t get crushed by bureaucracy — keep your fluoroscopy license current.

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